How can I best maintain my concrete worktop?

The concrete counter tops can best be pre-treated with natural soft soap, which contains glycerin. Other, synthetic detergents can cause damage; descaling detergents in particular are bad for concrete.
The use of soft soap creates a soft sheen and provides you with an easy to clean worktop. Because it fills the pores, it prevents other fluids from getting into the concrete. As a result, spots are easier to remove from the surface.

Does a concrete worktop stain easily?

  • Our countertops are poured on site and smoothed out, therefore the structure of the concrete is already quite dense, unlike industrial concrete. A regular treatment with soft soap saturates the concrete, so staines can be removed much easier.
  • Despite the regular use of soft soap however, slight colouring nuances may occur due to daily use. We believe these ‘signs of wear’ contribute to the unique, characteristic and matured appearance of concrete.
  • A number of substances may cause a slight discoloration of the surface. It is important that such substances do not remain on the concrete surface for too long. Remove these materials with a damp cloth and clean the concrete with natural soft soap.
  • Avoid substances like acids, descaling detergents, and ammonia. These may damage the surface irreparably because they dissolve the calcium inside the concrete.

Doesn’t the oak wood bend?

Oak wood is a natural material and therefore subject to natural conditions, such as temperature and humidity. The wood we use is optimally seasoned and dried. However, completely seasoned timber does not exist, so there is always a chance for it to warp slightly, depending on the circumstances. We therefore apply steel rods into the kitchen door panels in order to prevent it from warping. Besides that, we believe that slight warping contributes to the unique character of an oak kitchen; it lives.

How do I maintain the doors?

We oil the wood of the doors, so they are protected from stains. With a damp cloth and detergent or soft soap, they are easy to clean. If needed, they may be sanded lightly, after which a new layer of oil can be applied.

Do you also install the entire kitchen?

Absolutely! 🙂 If you enter on the quotation request that you would like the entire kitchen to be installed by us, we will order the kitchen at IKEA, install it, and also install all the equipment.

What’s the delivery time?

Delivery usualy takes about six to eight weeks

Which garanties do you offer?

We offer a warranty on our doors and concrete worktops if changes occur in the materials that cannot be contributed to material specific properties. If necessary we gladly do the extra mile, because above all we want you to be satisfied with our products!

Do you deliver in country's outside the Netherlands?

We only deliver kitchen doors through international transport. We can not do the installation of the kitchen or to transport the concrete worktops. (Except Belgium)