We predominantly work with European oak wood which has been dried and cured in a slow, natural way. This limits the risk of warping and rupturing. Besides the drying method, the warping of the wood in minimalised by the way pieces are glued together, and by incorporating steel into the wood. The appearance of solid wood is a world of difference with veneered wood or 3-layer glued timber. This is difficult to portray on a computer screen, but we’ll give it a try:
** Higher price range

Roughened wood+hardwax oil double white **

Black 701

Naturel white 303

Warm Natural 300

Old Grey 5719

Warm naturel 300

Mono black 701

Naturel 301

Walnut Nuts 262 **

Higher price range

Koak Old 423

Roughened wood+ Whitewash 305

Weisgrund + warm naturel 300

Whitewash 305

Barnwood Naturel **

Painted Black **

Natural White 303

Bamboe Safari 585 **

Bamboe chocolade 646 **