Solid wooden uprights

In order to create that robuste rural appearance for your kitchen, you could place solid wooden uprights in strategic places. These will be attached to the side of the kitchen cabinet.
Appropriate locations for solid uprights are in between cabinets and a wall, for instance, or in between two cabinets, next to a stove, or on the side of a cooking island.
Standard widths are: 5, 8 or 10 cm wide.


It is also possible to install solid walls in between cabinets or on the side of cabinets. These will delivered in white primer coating. Standard thickness is 6, 8 or 10cm.
These walls are also appropiate for cooking islands of 100 to 120 cm deep.

High cabinets

The door hights of high cabinets are determined by the size of equipment, such as built-in espresso machines or microwave ovens. This way, nearly any hight is possible in order to create a nice, harmonious look.


Knobs & Handles

Knobs and handles are the finishing touch to the exclusive appearance of your kitchen cabinets. Koak Design delivers a variety of door knobs and handles to match the style of your oak wood kitchen. And as an alternative, we also supply gripless doors and drawers.
For more info, see also: Knobs and Handles

XL worktop

To create more space on your worktop, it is an option to mount the cabinets a few centimetres from the wall. This way you can create a worktop of up to 100cm deep.