We are not an average kitchen supplier. We started out with our business and products because we love beautiful, durable and natural interiors. By complementing an affordable IKEA kitchen with oakwood door panels and a concrete worktop, we create a unique designer kitchen, entirely to your taste and needs. And if you wish we complete your kitchen with various types of top quality designer equipment.

This is how we work. We ask our customers to create the design of their dream kitchen in 3D, using the IKEA Kitchen Planner. Based on that, we produce the desired oak wood kitchen fronts, ready to be installed by us or by the customers themselves. Depending on the needs and wishes of the customer, we can add a custom made concrete worktop to the kitchen (NL-BE), as well as various types of equipment, such as designer taps and sinks, ovens and microwaves, cooker hoods et cetera. The possibilities are endless.

The Ikea METOD cabinets:

Ikea Metod has standard cabinet elements of 80 cm high for the lower cabinets, with widths of 40, 60 or 80 cm. For these you can order door fronts and/or drawer fronts. The depth of the cabinets is 62 or 39 cm.

The high cabinets can be 40 or 60 cm wide and 200 or 220 cm high (excl. 8cm plinth). It’s possible to go even higher by adding a cabinet of 40, 60, or 80 cm high on top.

The top cabinets of Ikea are 39 cm deep. They can be 40, 60, 80 or 100 cm high. These cabinets can also be used as lower cabinets, for instance under a cooking island.

We are convinced that the price-quality proportion of basic cabinets and drawers by Ikea scores very high, if not highest in the middle segment. If you want to use a different kitchen supplier than Ikea, than that’s also possible of course.

You yourself can order the kitchen cabinets from Ikea (without the doors or drawer fronts). Or we can do this for you, for an additional charge of €180.- incl. VAT. (NL)

Extra options

There are, of course, various possibilities to personalize your kitchen. Such as:

  • Solid wood uprights.
  • Grounded walls of water-resistant MDF.
  • Solid wood side panels.
  • Extra large worktop with a depth of 70 or 80 cm. (NL-BE)
  • A concrete worktop that passes through to one side.(NL-BE)

See also: smart solutions.

Important to know:

Receiving a quotation
  • Design your kitchen, using the Ikea Kitchen Planner.
  • Send us your design in order to receive a quotation. See also: Quotation
  • Indicate wether you want us to order and install your kitchen or not, or apply a concrete worktop (NL-BE), or if you have any special items in mind etc.
  • Of course we will always take a close look at your design in order to check wether everything you want is possible, and if there might be other options which are just that little bit more practical or better looking.


Planning and execution

  1. Ordering cabinets and drawers at Ikea (by you or by us)
  2. Ordering special equipment (by you, if applicable)
  3. Pre-installation cabinet frames
    • installing cabinets
    • leveling and attachment to wall
    • (without drawers or equipment)
  4. Creating a mould for the worktop
  5. Pouring of the worktop
  6. Finishing of the worktop (after 3 to 4 days of drying)
  7. Delivery front panels and doors
  8. Final assembly and installation kitchen equipment


Installation of the Ikea kitchen

You can choose to have the entire kitchen installed by us.
This includes:

  • Ordering kitchen cabinets, drawers and equipment at Ikea and having it delivered.
  • Make a sketch for the contractor regarding the connections.
  • The assembly and mounting of the cabinets (1 to 2 days).
  • Construction of the concrete worktop, on site (3 to 4 days).
  • The mounting of the panels, doors and drawer fronts on the cabinets.
  • Installing and fully connecting the equipment, so you can enjoy your kitchen.

Note: we don’t just mount the doors, we install the entire kitchen!