IKEA kitchens are a perfect combination of quality and affordability. However, these kitchens are quite standard as far as their design is concerned. If you want a modern rural chic kitchen, in natural solid oakwood, the Koak Design oakwood kitchen door panel is the perfect solution.

Based on the new IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets, Koak Design creates oakwood kitchen doors and drawer panels, for any available IKEA kitchen cabinet size. Panel sizes that deviate from the standard Metod programme are made to measure. Koak Design prefabricates all kitchen door panels and drawer fronts with standard hinge and screw holes for easy installation.

Based on the new IKEA Metod kitchen cabinets, Koak Design delivers oakwood kitchen doors and drawer panels. In addition we supply made-to-measure concrete worktops and install the best equipment. This way, you get a unique designer kitchen for a very nice price.

To make the appearance of your kitchen even more exclusive, Koak Design has developed a series of special versions and clever extras for the standard Ikea kitchen. This way, you can create a truly robust wooden kitchen.

Here you will find an overview of the various possibilities of the types of wood and the various treatments and finishes of the kitchen fronts.

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a quotation for your desired kitchen, is to create your own kitchen design using the Ikea kitchen planner in 3D.