PITT Cooking

The concept of PITT Cooking has a distinct and recognizable design that fits perfectly with the overall picture of our kitchen designs. The flat, almost architectural feel is created by combining the pan supports and burners with our custom made concrete countertops.

The intelligent, innovative equipment is of high quality, is highly functional and can be tailored to match everyone’s style of cooking. The end result will be that all parts work together in perfect harmony. A unique hob for a unique kitchen.

Unique characteristics of PITT Cooking:

  • Cast iron, highly compact pan supports.
  • Easy to clean. Burners are made of seperate, removable parts.
  • Endless combinations, 1 to 6 pitts, plus XL-versions.
  • 3 types of burners: 2 KW, 3 KW, and high output 0.2-5 KW burner (combi burner for siddering or stir-fry)
  • Enamelled heat shield in combination with a silicon sealing ring, protecting the worktop.