A concrete worktop fits perfectly with a robust oak wood kitchen. A countertop made of concrete can be made in any thickness and in various shades of gray.

Concrete countertops are poured, sanded and polished on location. Extra large sizes or unusually shaped worktops are therefore possible without any seams.


The price of a concrete worktop depends on its size and thickness. We do not charge extra for recesses for a sink and/or faucets. And of course we don’t charge for measuring, because we create the worktop on the spot. The minimal thickness of the worktop is 5cm, the most regularly used thicknesses are 6, 8 or 10cm.

Price is € 400.- (excl. VAT) per meter, for a standard 60cm deep worktop (with a minimum of € 1,500.- per address)

Constructing a concrete worktop >

Creating a concrete countertop is a custom job. The worktop is poured on the spot and smoothed out immediately.

< Maintaining a concrete worktop

The maintenance of your concrete worktop is simple and quick. For years of cooking fun!