Knobs and handles

Knobs and handles are the finishing touch to your kitchen cabinets. Koak Design supplies a variety of knobs and handles to suit the style of your kitchen. As an alternative, Koak Design also offers two gripless models.

Bruin leder Handles and more

Wit lederHandles and more

Zwart leder Handles and more

Gripzz T-Bone big

Koak 1585 dun 14,5 cm rvs

Koak 1585 dun 20,5 cm rvs

Koak groot 1739 rvs

Koak klein 1739 rvs

Kraangreep 70 mm rvs

Relinggreep 27 cm RVS

RVS Ring 6 x 7

Usuals bruin leder

Usuals zwart leder

Donker brons gelast groot  2x2x5 34-cm

Donker brons gelast klein2x2x5 18 cm

Viking look 25 – 100 cm